Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everything is going wrong, but we're soo happy

I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more
cheska lolove
No, Stop. :> :))
Seriously creepy :)) :D :>
Unplanned nights are always the best nights

Let's start from here

Let's start from here

Giving up, why should? I’ve come too far to forget.

We’re beautiful, we just got lost

Somewhere along the way,

So much was missing when you went away

Let’s start from here, lose the past

Change our minds, we don't need a finish line

Let’s take this chance, don’t think too deep

Of all those promises we couldn't seem to keep

I don’t care where we go. Let’s start from here

Standing here face to face, a finger on your lips,

Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound

Silence surrounds us now.

Even when you were gone, I felt you everywhere

I’ve never been the one to open up,

But you’ve always been the voice within

The only warmth from my cold heart..

Hope you get to read this :)

This is ecstacy..

Rekindled flame..

It's good to have you back :)

Happy Birthday ♥

Glad to see you after 2 years! Happy happy birthday to my Best Friend, Lee Angela Montes Villarosa. 12 years of friendship. I love you so much! :)


Ngayong gabi naalala ko ang lahat
Paulit ulit sa isip ko
Lahat ng mga panahong pinaasa mo ako
Di ko na alam itong nararamdaman ko
Sinabi mo na lahat pero parang may kulang
Hindi parin sapat na sabihin mo lang yun
Dahil kahit takpan mo lahat lumalabas parin
At nararamdaman ko parin kasing sakit tulad ng dati
Bakit ka ba ganyan?
Anong gusto mong maramdaman ko?
Bumabalik ka lang kapag kailangan mo ako,
Pero paano naman ako kapag kailangan kita?
Naiinis ako sa mga ginagawa mo.
Sadya bang ganyan ka kaduwag? Hindi mo maipakita ang tunay na iyo?

F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/
F_CK! All I need is U! :/

I love you Mommy!

3 years old: My mommy is the best!

7 years old: Mom, I love you.

10 years old: Mom whatever.

17 years old: OMG my mom is so annoying.

18 years old: I wanna leave this house.

25 yrs old: Mom, you were right.

35 years old: I wanna go back to my mom’s house.

50 years old: I don’t…

We're teenagers. Shit happens. We fall in love and end up getting hurt. We bitch, bitch,bitch. We bitch about bitches being bitches. We go out and have a kick ass time with our friends and those will be the memories. One day that's going to all pass. So make the most of what you have now,forget all the bullshit and drama and live your fucking life with a sexy smile on your face.
I did care, but you didn't, so I stopped caring, Finally got my pride back!