Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



  • crying yourself to sleep
  • being extremely happy, then someone ruins it
  • having a good day, then getting bad news
  • having my period on a special day
  • feeling sick for the whole week
  • being ignored
  • being alone, although you have your friends around you
  • having your plans ruined
  • discovering the person you love, loves someone else
  • someone falling out of love with you

I can’t keep being your second choice, not when you’re my first bro!

Aww. tickle fight!!!! I miss :)

Would you still love me if i’m this weird?

Illusion of love. It's better than none.
Don’t be so quick to judge. 

How it feels, how everything you love can burn
And it never stops, it's all I got
And I never know when to turn
Like a merry-go-round, it all comes around again
I don't know what I've lost and I don't know where to get it back
But I'm holdin' on

haha we're awesome like that!
I love it when we have long conversations about anything. 
I love it when we get to hang out together. 
I love it when we laugh about something completely stupid. 
I love it when we hold hands while sitting together.
I love it when we just stand still hugging while ignoring the rest of the world. 
I love it when we create wonderful memories together. 
I love how comfortable I feel telling you that I love you every night before I sleep. 

“you’re searching for something I know, wont make you happy”

I hate the fact that you ignore me for so long, 
then you start talking to me like nothing happened. 
And by saying the simple things, you make me smile.  I just hope everything will be fine 

We go days without having a meaningful conversation, 
and I use to miss you so much when that happened. But it never seemed like you missed me,
 And I guess because of it, I stopped missing you
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she wont be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you're not worth it,
Oh well, Uso na talaga lovelife nowadays. nakakamiss rin yung feeling.. na excited ka sa araw araw dahil alam mo na may isang tao na iggreet ka ng sweet na mga morning messages, may itetext ka pag badtrip ka, kapag masaya ka, or mga normal na bagay na ginagawa mo. Lalabas kayo manunuod ng movie, kakaen sa labas, bibili ng Ice cream, magkukwentuhan, magpapahangin, magtatawanan at kilitian. Tapos uuwi ka ng nakangiti kahit ayaw mo pang umuwi dahil sa sobrang saya ng naging araw mo dahil nakasama mo siya. Tapos pauwi ka na kausap mo parin siya wala kang pakialam sa mga katabi mo sa LRT, tumatawa ka at kinikilig sa usapan niyo kahit paulit ulit pa. Tapos paguwi mo kausap mo parin siya hanggang sa makatulog na kayo. Corny na. Kthanksbye
Is there a chance? A fragment of light.
Don't let a girl walk away if she's been doing nothing but believe in you
I wanna try this sometime

Jizz Pharell, you’re the hottest black guy alive :)

Sa akin rin pala ang bagsak mo :)