Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love the way

I love every single thing that you do
all the details and actions
I love the way you broke my heart
and repair it once more
I love the way you kiss me
It starts a fire deep inside of me
It makes me yearn for you even more
I love the way you put your arms around me,
makes me feel safe and secured.
I love it when you told me you love me
when you kiss and hug me it's all surreal
I can't believe this is what i feel
I love it when we eat a lot
the way you make me smile
with all the food crumbs in your face
it's all so natural, without trying so hard
you stole my heart just like that!
I love it when you say you love me
with all of your devotion
I love the way you accept my imperfections
it's a simple proof that you accept me as a package,
accepting my flaws and all..

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