Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My learnings about love.

Here are some of the things that I learned about LOVE :) I get to know some, based on my personal experiences and a good friend of mine taught me the real secrets for a happy relationship :)

Did you know know that, only love heals?
Why? Some cancer patients die easily because of their frustrations, depression, and stress of so much thinking about their illness. But if you're happy, you feel loved and safe. You'll be automatically healed. Because love heals. No wonder my mom is healthier now and free from cancer. Because our love healed her :)

Another thing:

If you love someone, accept the whole package. His strengths, weaknesses, attitude and vices. Stress will be released. Love the person the way he is, then your relationship will be happy :)
Sample: PLAY
Poker Love Alcohol Yosi. LOVE is still there right? :)


Everyday you have a choice: Whether to be right? Or to be loving :)


Every person should think that even though a person loves you, You should consider the fact that you're not the only that makes him/her happy.


4 ways to heal a relationship:

* Open up!
* Touch more
* Volunteer or serve
* Accept :)

To be continued.. HAHAHA :))

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