Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It takes time.

I don't know why i feel this. It already ended, period. I want you so much but I realized that you're just my old HABIT :( I can live without you, I can breathe without you, Live normal and be happy. But I chose to be stuck. I'm not moving forward cause I want all things from the past to remain the same and stay forever. I am so lost. I'm just waiting to be found. I said I wouldn't call but I can't control myself. I don't know why my heart beats like this. Don't know why I chose to be in this situation. Something's there, I can't deny. You kept me without chains, Yes I stayed because I wanted to. I want to free myself from this habit, But I can't :( I am holding on the memories we build on. I really wanna work it out but you can't just play with my feelings. Can't you be man enough??? I wish you well despite the hurt you've caused me.

I suddenly miss you. hope you're back to normal and that you swallow that pride of yours.

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